Vocal Health Tips – Staying Fresh

How to get your voice back on top if you are tired!

I’m going to give you a great little vocal health tip today, something to help you stay really healthy and use your voice well. Perhaps you’ve got a lot of voice use coming up today, or perhaps some singing to do, or perhaps you’re delivering at a big conference and you need to feel that your voice is ready and is going to be there for you at the moment that you most need it. What can you do to keep it healthy and to get it ready?

Well, there are extensive warm–ups that we can do for voice but here’s something that just helps to get things set up really nicely. Always think of a good physical alignment: standing tall, lots of freedom of movement in the body, never locked and held. Try to release that body: let it feel as if it can move. And then why don’t you try this? You can pick from any of these exercises, the one that suits you best. First one is a lip trill, an equivalent exercise would be ‘vvvv’ a simple sliding up and down on a ‘vvv’ sound.

You could try a roll ‘rrrr’ as well.

These exercises are really, really great for getting that voice clear and in contact with itself …really beginning to resonate freely. You’ll notice when you’re doing them that your body engages, and that the breath seems to be being used in some way, but not forced or pushed. We don’t want to go hard at this by the way. I sometimes do see people trying really hard to get a big, big noise. But it’s a nice, easy, gentle ‘vvv’. Everything’s quite easy. And it does wonders for your voice. It gets it clean, clear and really ready to go.

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